Almaquote: a quotation software for sheet metal parts

The universal quotation software for sheet metal parts and mechanized welding.

Almaquote enables you to quickly create quotes, from the simplest to the most complicated, via an intuitive GUI. This software is intended for sheet metal subcontractors who must answer requests for quotation with very short deadlines, and manufacturers looking for customized functions or even applications tailored for very specific needs. Almaquote can be used by any company whether or not it is already using an Alma CAD/CAM software product.

Main advantages and benefits

A solution that is perfect for basic quotes as well as more complicated price calculations.

Numerous possibilities for customization according to needs.

Added value deriving from Alma’s expertise in sheet metal:

  • Precise automatic calculation of cutting times.
  • Calculation of material costs based on Alma nesting algorithms.
  • Calculation of times for other manufacturing operations (e.g. welding, bending, drilling).

Quote information visible at a glance.

Management of multi-level BOMs with the associated operations.

Possibility to reuse existing BOMs in the future.

Graphics tools to analyze key information relating to quotes.

Access to the Webquote service allowing to manage requests for quotes and facilitate communication between ordering parties and sub-contractors.

Direct connection to the Assembly2cam CAM assembly importing module.

Easy integration with CAM, CAD, Production Management and ERP systems.

Almaquote sheet metal quotation software

Create quotes quickly and precisely

Almaquote enables you to quickly create a quote using a few characteristics of the part to cut or to very precisely calculate the cost of the operations required to manufacture and deliver a part. In this case, for 2D parts, the geometry can be designed or defined by a DXF or DPR file or from a predefined shape. For tubes or sections the part can be imported from a 3D CAD/CAM file. It is possible to calculate the cost of single parts, sets of parts, or even 3D assemblies, using the Assembly2cam module.

The application can be customized at different levels: to create new operations, define or modify parameters or formulas for the cost calculation, draw up quotes and output reports. almaQuote’s workflow can also be customized, by including for example an additional validation step. In addition the application can manage multiple user rights.

Following the quote preparation and edition, the list of manufacturing operations included in the quote can be reused to create the preliminary manufacturing specifications.

The capacity to link up with Production Management and ERP systems make it possible to export information required for production when accepting the quote.

For customers using the Almacam software, acceptance of a quote will make it possible to immediately start production.

In addition, Almaquote users benefit from access to Webquote, a new web service that automatically feeds data into Almaquote. Webquote centralizes and facilitates communication between ordering customers and subcontractors, while automating quote preparation and processing.

Vincent Villette
Director of the Troyes site – Oxytemps

“Almaquote makes it possible to very quickly draw up a quote based on a series of DXF files, and automatically generate dispatching of the quote by e-mail. In addition, the automatic nesting enables us to immediately estimate the number of sheets to use, making it possible to define our cost price precisely, and manage our purchasing.”

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