Cutting sub-contractors (sheet metal, tubes, sections)

A universal CAM solution for managing every type of machine at customized cutting companies

From major industrial groups to small businesses, large numbers of companies that cut sheet metal, tubes or sections as sub-contractors, often using a wide variety of machines, have chosen our software for their optimization of performance, flexibility and ease of use.

The main advantages of the Alma solution for cutting sub-contractors

Optimized management of a wide variety of machines and technologies:

  • A single CAM solution and a single interlocutor.
  • Specific algorithms and functions adapted to each technology.
  • A module to plan machine workloads.
  • Capability to automatically prepare a part for different machines and technologies.
  • Capability to assign nesting to a machine at the last moment.

Optimization of material consumption:

  • Reduction of off-cuts thanks to the best nesting algorithms on the market (flat cutting, cutting of tubes and sections).
  • Management of off-cuts and sheets already cut.
  • Nesting in metal sheets of any shape.

Reduction of machine cycle times:

  • Optimization of tool paths.
  • Support for specificities of each technology.

Fast accurate quotes with the almaQuote software.

Facilitated order management:

  • Automatic grouping of parts by order, customer or deadline.
  • Functions simplifying sorting of parts in the workshop by order or customer.

Reduction of preparation times and simplification of programming:

  • User assistance and automation at every stage of programming.
  • Advanced tools to prepare parts (automatic import of assemblies, cleaning DXF files, etc.).

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