Ground transport equipment

The leading CAM for manufactures of road and rail transport equipment

Historically we have always had a strong presence in manufacturing of civilian and military ground transport equipment, as well as shipbuilding and building of construction machinery. This is because our software products are perfectly suited to the different processes for cutting thick sheet metal and to robotic welding. We are also capable of delivering an overall response to the needs of a a group, with a customized solution and support at every stage.

The main benefits of the Alma solution for manufacturers of ground transport equipment

A single CAM solution and a single interlocutor for all the technologies and machines: oxy-cutting, laser cutting, robotic welding, 5-axis cutting, etc.

A software perfectly suited for thick sheet metal thanks to dedicated functions: tool path computation with support of thermal deformations on the sheet, continuous cutting without lead-outs, cutting of bevels, etc.

Extremely high performance tools to optimize material yield (nesting), and manage off-cuts and sheets already cut.

Reduction of programming times thanks to user assistance and automation at every stage in the process (preparation of parts, nesting, tool paths, etc.).

An offline programming software solution for arc-welding robots, recognized on the market.

Complete integration into the CAD-ERP-PLM digital chain.

The capability to adapt to the specific needs of a manufacturer of transport equipment, to deliver an integrated automated solution.

The leading CAM solution for a multi-site group, thanks to our local presence, combined with technical back-up and high level customer support.

Among our esteemed clients

Thomas Kölpl

Project Manager, Palfinger.

“The fact that Alma is internationally established has been a key criterion when we decided to choose the software… Today, Alma’s software has become our group-wide nesting standard solution. The software was not only faster but also almost as efficient as an experienced user… We estimated time savings of 50 percent throughout all plants.”