Almaquote: make quotation for sheet metals parts easier and faster

An outdated process for managing sheet metal and mechanical welding quotations is hurting your business. With a tool designed for the specifics of your industry, you’ll respond faster and make more accurate quotations. That’s what Almaquote is all about. Simple to use, Almaquote helps sheet metal subcontractors, sales managers and estimating professionals create reliable quotations without spending hours on it.

Respond faster to requests for estimates with an automated solution that makes it easy to create quotes, from the simplest to the most complex.

No need for advanced design or nesting expertise. Take advantage of Alma’s sheet metal algorithms.

Do you have specific needs? Easy, Almaquote is designed to adapt to your requirements.

Track your quotation at a glance, with graphical tools for analyzing key points.

Manage multi-level BOMs with associated operations and reuse them in the future. That’s so much faster!

Streamline the entire quotation process, with integration with ERP, CAM, CAD and CAPM systems, and assembly import with the Assembly2cam module.

Strengthen Almaquote with Webquote, the web-based platform that facilitates exchanges with your customers.

“Almaquote makes it possible to very quickly draw up a quote based on a series of DXF files, and automatically generate dispatching of the quote by e-mail. In addition, the automatic nesting enables us to immediately estimate the number of sheets to use, making it possible to define our cost price precisely, and manage our purchasing.”

Vincent Villette, Director of the Troyes site – Oxytemps

The Premium Quotation Software
for 2D and 3D Sheet Metal Parts

Almaquote quotation software for sheet metal tôlerie

Import 2D parts, tubes and sections

Almaquote enables you to quickly create a quote using a few characteristics of the part to cut or to very precisely calculate the cost of the operations required to manufacture and deliver a part. In this case, for 2D parts, the geometry can be designed or defined by a DXF or DPR file or from a predefined shape. For tubes or sections the part can be imported from a 3D CAD/CAM file. It is possible to calculate the cost of single parts, sets of parts, or even 3D assemblies, using the Assembly2cam module.

Nesting and accurate estimations for competitive quotes

  • Precise automatic calculation of cutting times.
  • Calculation of material costs based on Alma nesting algorithms.
  • Calculation of times for other manufacturing operations (e.g. welding, bending, drilling).

Monitoring and easy sending

Analyze key information relating to your quotes with visual charts. Once the estimation is ready, easily send it to your customer.

Hyper configurable

The application can be customized at different levels: to create new operations, define or modify parameters or formulas for the cost calculation, draw up quotes and output reports. almaQuote’s workflow can also be customized, by including for example an additional validation step. In addition the application can manage multiple user rights.

Integration with CAD-CAM & ERP tools

Following the quote preparation and edition, the list of manufacturing operations included in the quote can be reused to create the preliminary manufacturing specifications.
The capacity to link up with Production Management and ERP systems make it possible to export information required for production when accepting the quote.

Collect RFQ with Webquote

Webquote is a web-based service that complements Almaquote. Via the Internet, it centralizes requests for cutting estimates and facilitates exchanges with clients and prospects. Webquote can even go one step further, automatically generating quotations.


From 5h to 15 min: how Aldem Group optimized quotation process for sheet metal parts & mechanical-welded assemblies

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Almaquote software is sold as a perpetual license installable on your computers, or as a no commitment subscription with Almacam Pass.

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