Almacam Space Cut, a CAD/CAM software for cutting 3D parts

A CAD/CAM programming software for all your 5-axis cutting machines and cutting robots

With its simple and intuitive user interface, the Almacam Space Cut CAD/CAM software is dedicated to the programming of any type of 3D-cutting machine (laser, plasma, water jet) regardless of the number of axes. Almacam Space Cut combines automation and simplicity of use. Providing support for advanced manufacturing functions, Almacam Space Cut adapts to every kind of situation, enabling you to cut complex parts.

Comprehensive modeling of the machine and its environment.

Optimized programming thanks to powerful functions automating the creation of cutting trajectories, the definition of lead-ins/lead-outs and the sequencing of cutting profiles.

Automatic search for collision-free trajectories during cutting and rapid movements.

Realistic simulation of the cutting sequence and visualization of possible anomalies (speed, collisions, accessibility, job tolerance).

Automatic modeling of the tooling to support 3D parts, based on a 3D model of the part to cut.

User-friendly: display of objects in the cell set-up, cutting profiles, and the program in the form of tree structures. Object positioning function, capacity to easily modify cutting trajectories, etc.

Extension to other technological processes such as laser welding and polishing.

“We felt the Alma software was more automated and faster. The module to create part support tools, a very important feature for us, was also more comprehensive. Alma’s methodology corresponded more closely to our business as a sub-contractor.”

Sébastien Garnier, Director of Garnier Industries

3D cutting machine brands we drive

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  • Cyberstep
  • Koike
  • LT-Free
  • Lyonstek
  • Mazak
  • Mecanumeric
  • Microstep
  • Nippei
  • NTC
  • Penta-Chutian
  • Prima
  • Tamari Industry
  • TCI
  • Trumpf
  • Wardjet
  • Weihong
  • Yawei

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