Vision of experts

At Alma, our passion for technology is behind everything we do, and pushes us to go that extra mile!

A passion for technology has always been Alma’s hallmark. Combined with love of a job well done, it is a decisive factor contributing to the quality of our products and services. It is also a fantastic source of challenges and emulation within our teams.


Why is Almacam Tube CAD/CAM software a leading solution on the market?

Gabriel Jaubert, support engineer for 3D cutting applications at Alma, explains in this video why Almacam Tube CAD/CAM software is a must to program tube and profile cutting machines.

SaaS or use by subscription: the future of CAD/CAM software

Use of software applications in SaaS mode is a fundamental trend and its advantages for users are now clear for all to see. While the SaaS market has been driven by management applications, today industrial software is catching up fast. Alma has been a pioneer with its optimizing software components and is constantly investing in a SaaS offering adapted to suit its different customers.

arc welding robot

How to successfully program your welding robots off-line

Programming of robots with an off-line programming software can be up to 10 times faster than programming by teaching pendant. However, this approach has repercussions for the entire design and manufacturing process. So what are the requirements for successful integration of off-line programming? Here are the keys to a successful off-line programming project.

Sheet metal quotes: our global approach for industrial companies

Thanks to a development strategy based on both software applications and software components, and on the strength of our web tool expertise, we are able to meet different types of quotes needs for industrial sheet metal companies.

Machine tool manufacturers: why work with an independent CAD/CAM software vendor?

If a machine tool manufacturer or reseller has decided to include a CAD/CAM software in their offering, what kind of questions should they ask themselves before working with an independent software vendor? Plus, what are the specific characteristics of Alma’s partnership approach?

Continuous laser cutting of coil with DIMECO and Alma: this partnership is on a roll!

Specialist in production systems that use coil, DIMECO launched a few year ago an innovative system allowing continuous laser cutting. This solution is controlled using Alma nesting software and has been adopted by companies in different sectors in several countries.

Why is off-line programming vital in a robotic welding project?

If you are intending to invest in a robotic welding cell, you may be considering whether it’s worthwhile investing also in an off-line programming software to control your new robot. OLP is more than just an alternative to conventional programming by teaching pendant. This solution has many advantages which in fact make it irreplaceable.

We are also optimizing cutting of 3D blocks!

In many industrial sectors it is necessary to cut parallelepipedic parts from large blocks of material. For applications where the groups of parts to produce are particularly large, it is necessary or even mandatory to use a cutting optimization software.

Robotized cutting of tubes and profiles: a niche market occupied by experts!

In partnership with robotics integrators, in particular Daihen Varstroj in Slovenia, Alma has adapted its off-line programming software to robotized cutting of tubes and profiles. This is a niche market which requires a highly sophisticated hardware + software solution.

Improved algorithms for easy import and cleaning of dirty DXF/DWG

The quality of DXF or DWG geometries is a recurring problem when it comes to exploiting CAD files for CAM programming. Alma applicative software and web applications include advanced functions for automatic cleaning of DXF or DWG geometries.

Why is Alma the Cutting CAD/CAM market leader for shipbuilding

1982 is the starting point not only for our long-standing collaboration with the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard, but also for deployment of our Cutting CAD/CAM software for shipbuilding right around the world.