Unfold, a module for 3D import and unfolding of sheet metal parts

The key interface between sheet metal part design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM).

The Unfold module is dedicated to importing CAD models and unfolding sheet metal parts. The resulting flat models are used by Almacam to program cutting and punching machines (Almacam CutAlmacam Punch) and to program press brakes (Almacam Bend).

A folded part programmed in Almacam Bend can be imported again in order to implement the modifications in folding and dimensions brought about by using the real folding tools.

A very specific module particularly well adapted to the needs of sheet metal subcontractors who do not have CAD software to repair defective parts so that they can be manufactured.

Support of various 3D import formats.

Ability to transform any part created with a CAD software into a foldable part thanks to various functions: automatic recognition of surfaces and folds, compliance with bend allowances, fold addition, selection of ridges to open the part, etc.

Integration with the Almacam Cut/Punch and Almacam Bend software.

Functioning in automatic mode: import of a list of parts to unfold or an assembly.

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