Powernest: automatic nesting library for cutting

The best automatic nesting library algorithms for cutting are integrated into your CAD/CAM or ERP application.

Powernest is a powerful and comprehensive library for automatic nesting, to be used to develop CAD/CAM or ERP applications that integrate cutting optimization functions. As a specialist in the field of cutting optimization and automatic nesting of complex shapes for the cutting of materials in sheets for the last 35 years, Alma places its unique experience at the disposal of software developers and vendors. When you integrate the Powernest component, you are giving your customers a flexible very high performance automatic nesting solution, enabling them to substantially reduce their raw material costs and improve their productivity.

Main advantages and benefits

Superior performance thanks to the most sophisticated automatic nesting functions: rotation of parts around any angle, management of prohibited part positions and nesting priorities, compaction of existing nestings, optimization of spacing between the parts of an existing nesting, nesting of parts in recesses with n levels, multi-format nesting, management of multiple nestings, etc.

Combination of numerous functions resulting in a complete interactive product (collision detection and anti-collision management, automatic nesting following a manually-initiated nesting).

Support of various industry and cutting technology requirements: nesting zones, nesting in non-rectangular surfaces, support of frames and patterns on the parts and material formats, multi-head nesting, common cut nesting, etc.

Available as a DLL or web service in the Cloud.

Easy to integrate.

Possibility to benefit from Alma support and expertise for component integration.

Free demonstrator on-line (nesting of 2D parts with complex shapes).

An automatic nesting library for every cutting application

Powernest comprises numerous functions for automatic nesting of 2D parts with complex shapes, supporting all the requirements relating to cutting materials in sheets and coils.

Powernest can be used in a wide range of sectors, for all types of materials: sheet metal working, wood, composites, packaging industry, stone, foodstuffs, etc.) and for a wide variety of cutting techniques, oxygen cutting, plasma, laser, punching-nibbling, milling, water jet, vibrating blade, saw, etc.

The Powernest library is also available for 3D nesting of parallepipedic blocks (foam, metal or stone cutting, etc.), edge to edge rectangular cutting (sheet-metal shearing, wood-panel cutting, etc.) and optimization of linear cutting (bars, sections, or tubes, etc.).


René Bastians
Managing Director at BCSI Systems, leading software house for the die making and packaging industry.

“For sure, we will recommend Alma’s nesting product, but not to our competitors! Powernest is a very stable and reliable nesting optimization solution. Besides, we always receive full and excellent support from Alma.”

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