Solutions for software vendors and developers

Alma is the only vendor on the Cutting CAD/CAM market that in parallel with its software applications commercializes its nesting algorithms in the form of software components. These are designed to integrate into applications developed by third parties: CAD/CAM or ERP software developers and vendors operating in specific market segments, manufacturers commercializing their own software, etc.

Powernest, software components for automatic 2D and 3D nesting

Illustration of a nesting from Almacam

Powernest is a mathematical library designed to optimize nesting of 2D parts with complex shapes for flat cutting. Powernest is integrated into numerous applications covering most industrial sectors: cutting of textiles, cutting of sheet metal, ship-building, wood processing, packaging, etc.

Powernest Cube is a software component for 3D nesting of parallepipedic blocks.
The Powernest library is also available for optimization of rectangular nesting for edge to edge cutting (sheet-metal shearing, wood-panel cutting, etc.) and optimization of linear cutting (bars, profiles, tubes, etc.)

DLL or web service on the Cloud, the choice is yours!

Our components are supplied in the form of mathematical libraries and are designed to be toolkits. For Powernest Lib, we supply the development license, the associated documentation (explaining the APIs) and a support service (assistance, maintenance and updating of the product), to accompany developers over the long term.

With the Powernest WS web service, the developer makes available to its customers all the power of the cloud via an innovative solution adapted to allow new uses of the software.

Software vendors can also choose to include an Alma end-user software application in their offer, as part of a tailored partnership.