Mechanical welding

From cutting to robotic welding, a multi-technology CAM solution for thick sheet metal

Companies manufacturing mechanical-welded assemblies are often both sub-contractors and prime contractors. They need a CAM solution that covers all their processes (cutting, folding, welding), perfect for working on thick sheet metal, and completely integrated into the digital chain. Alma is the only CAD/CAM software vendor to manage 2D cutting, tube cutting and robotic welding. It is a market leader in machine welding.

The main benefits of the Alma mechanical welding solution

A single CAM solution and a single interlocutor for all technologies and machines: oxy-cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, robotic welding, folding, cutting of tubes and sections, etc.

A software ideally suited for work on thick sheet metal, thanks to dedicated functions.

Extremely high performance tools to optimize material yield (nesting for flat cutting, cutting of tubes and sections), and manage off-cuts and sheets already cut.

A quote software that is perfect for multiple operations (cutting, folding, welding, painting, etc.) and for computing complex prices.

Advanced tools for preparation of parts (automatic import of assemblies, definition of bevels, etc.), simplifying programming and reducing preparation times.

An offline programming software solution for arc-welding robots, recognized on the market.

Complete integration into the digital chain: CAD, ERP-PLM upstream, MES and planning downstream.

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