Specific projects

A custom, flexible open-ended CAM solution for complex projects

To ensure their needs are met in every detail, industrial companies often need a custom CAM solution, especially large groups and companies that have several production sites. Of course this concerns not only the software’s integration into their information system, but also support for the specificities of their machines, or automation of programming. The technical capacities of our software and our approach to complex projects have always enabled us to provide our customers with solutions that are simultaneously flexible, open-ended and customized, regardless of the production configuration.

The main benefits of the Alma solution for specific projects

A comprehensive software range to manage every machine on the shop floor (2D cutting, 5-axis cutting, cutting of tubes and sections, routing, punching, folding, robotic welding and cutting).

An open platform and software that can interface with every CAD and ERP product on the market.

Highly automated yet flexible in its operational capabilities.

A software platform designed to easily satisfy any demand for a specific development.

A smart platform capable of hosting complementary modules and seamlessly integrating them, according to Industry 4.0 principles.

Integrated tools to plan the machines’ workloads.

The capacity to meet the needs of a group, thanks to both global vision of projects, and local presence.

Consultancy services in process and in integration to manage complex projects.

Technical back-up and high level customer support.