RoboWave bending: CAM for robotized bending

A software application for the complete automatic programming of robotized bending cells.

RoboWave bending is an innovative software application developed by one of our partners that allows automatically programming robots and press brakes at every steps of the production: from pick-up to palletisation. This can be remotely completed from your PC and without stopping the production plant: automatic bending sequence definition, tools set up, gauges positioning and robot movements generation, are performed in a rapid and reliable way.

RoboWave bending is distributed only in the USA.

Main advantages and benefits of RoboWave bending

For system integrators:

Robot and press-brake independent.

Dynamic sales presentations.

Cycle time evaluation.

Reduced time for cell configuration and programming activities.

No risks for cell layout configuration and set-up.

Immediate integration with press brakes and robots available on market.

For end-users:

Easy to use.

Increased productivity.

No production stops and reduced programming and cell configuration cycles.

Increased safety and flexibility of the work cell.

Improved planning production: higher quality, time and production quantity independent.

Support for unlimited part variety, job frequency, and design complexity.

Product overview

Main features:

  • Cell element design.
  • Cell layout design and control.
  • Off-line programming of robot and bending process.
  • 3D realistic simulation of bending process.

RoboWave bending is suitable for all bend types: air-bend, coining, V-bend, step-bend, hemming, flat-bend, single and multi-bends, different bending phases.

RoboWave bending is available for all models of robots and press-brakes.

In a few simple steps RoboWave bending enables the user to:

  • Verify cell layout feasibility
  • Simulate the bending process
  • Off-line program without teach-in
  • Generate robot and press-brake part program
  • Manage cell element libraries
  • Manage multi load and unload stations
  • Import data from various source formats.

RoboWave bending performs the following automatic functions:

  • Automatic bending sequence
  • Automatic tool set-up
  • Automatic gauging positioning
  • Automatic gripping position.

Every operation that has been automatically generated can be modified by the operator.

RoboWave bending can import the part, the tool data base, the bending sequence, and the press tooling directly from any of the most popular CAD/CAM software applications, resulting in an easy integration into the customer’s production process.

Robowave bending meets the requirements of system integrators while providing a simple and intuitive software environment. It offers all the required functions – from the cell element design to the cell layout definition, or from the simulation to the sale presentation.

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