Almacam Tube, a CAD/CAM software for cutting tubes and profiles

The automated solution to program your tubes and profiles cutting machines and robots

The Almacam Tube CAD/CAM software is able to interact with any kind of tubes and profiles cutting system (3, 4 or 5 axis machines with one or more rotative axes, robotized cells for cutting tubes).

It integrates all the steps in the programming process: CAD import or modeling of the tubes and profiles, management of manufacturing orders, automatic nesting of the tubes and profiles to cut, creation and automatic scheduling of trajectories, generation of ISO codes. The software works automatically but lets the user manage specific situations in order to guarantee optimum execution of the programming.

Almacam Tube benefits from Alma’s considerable expertise in programming 3D/Tubes machines and cutting robots, acquired thanks to the many installations it has carried out and its partnerships with several manufacturers.

CAD import of single parts or assemblies, with retrieval of the quantities.

Automatic recognition of the sectional areas of tubes and profiles.

Possibility to add connections (e.g. pins, hooks) between tubes and profiles of an assembly.

Automatic unfolding and unbending of tubes and profiles.

Automatic generation of the trajectories and the program for cutting tubes and profiles.

Ability to interact with any type and any brand of tubes and profiles-cutting system, without any limitation on the number of machine or robot axes.

Management of specific functions or requirements related to tubes and profiles cutting machines (for example: automatic programming of loading/unloading peripheral units, coupling and tightening constraints for multiple-axis machines, etc.)

Management of machines combining laser cutting with mechanical units (drilling, countersinking, spot facing, counterboring, etc.).

Tube cutting machine brands we drive

  • Bodor
  • Bystronic
  • Cutlite Penta
  • Cy Laser
  • Daihen Varstroj
  • Debao
  • Farley
  • Han’S Laser
  • Huagong
  • Mazak
  • Müller Opladen
  • Nukon
  • OMP
  • Oxyser
  • Sibonac
  • Silber Do Brasil
  • SLTL
  • Soitaab
  • Tamari Industry
  • Tecnopampa
  • Tecoi
  • Trumpf
  • TTM
  • Wardjet
  • Yawei

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