The leading CAM for routing and cutting aluminum sheets in the aeronautics industry

Today, numerous aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors are using Alma software, in particular to control their CNC routing machines for aluminum parts. This technology has been one of our specialty areas for more than 20 years. The addition to the Alma Group of Asco Data, another specialist in CAM applied to automated sheet metal systems and routing of aluminum sheets, has strengthened our expertise in this field and our solutions’ capacity to meet the needs of the aeronautics industry.

The main benefits of the Alma solution in the aeronautics industry

Many years of international presence in the aeronautics sector:

  • Long-standing partnerships with several machine manufacturers, particularly for aluminum routing.
  • Numerous aircraft manufacturers and their sub-contractors use our systems worldwide.
  • Our capability to be the leading CAM solution for all the production sites for an aeronautics group thanks to our presence in many different countries.

An expert software range covering all the technological processes for sheet metal working used in the aeronautics industry: aluminum routing, 2D laser cutting, 5 axis cutting, etc.

Software completely integrated into the CAD-ERP-PLM information system.

A secure data management system enabling total traceability (e.g. to find the parts produced in a batch of sheets, identify the nesting layouts where the parts for a particular order are located, etc.

Extremely high performance nesting algorithms to optimize material yield.

Numerous machine cycle optimization functions.

Programming methods that guarantee safety on the shop floor and on machines.

Reduction of programming times thanks to user assistance and automation at every stage in the process (preparation of parts, nesting, tool paths, etc.).

Among our esteemed clients

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Jean-Christophe Michel

Jean-Christophe Michel, Project Manager.

“The automatic nesting performance, proven during the tests previously carried out on Socata parts, was much superior to the other competitors’ offers. Automatic nesting has enabled the company to divide its preparation times by two and increase material yield by 23%.”