Steel construction

An essential link in the production chain between the design office and the shop floor, in steel construction businesses

Our software products interface with CAD/CAM systems specialized in steel construction and are able to manage the different machines and technologies used in this sector. This puts them at the heart of the production process at steel construction businesses.

The main benefits of the Alma steel construction solution

Optimized management of machines for machining sheet metal, sections and tubes: flat cutting (plasma, laser, oxy-cutting) and cutting of bevels, combined drilling/milling/punching/cutting systems, marking systems (milling, ink jet, plasma, laser), cutting of tubes and sections and related processes (drilling, countersinking, spot facing, counter-boring, etc.), cutting robots, etc.

Post-processors for all the machines in steel construction: Ficep, Peddinghaus, Voortman, etc.

Geometric interfaces in DSTV and IFC formats to directly make use of CAD files originating from steel construction software.

Modules to automatically import tubes and sections, drastically reducing preparation times.

Management of marking and identification of parts for assembly.

A software enabling project management, definition of bills of materials and offering complete data traceability.

Complete integration into the CAD-ERP-PLM digital chain.

Among our esteemed clients

“Thanks to the act/cut 2d, act/tubes and Tube Designer CAD/CAM software modules, BIT benefits from an integrated ‘sheets/tubes/sections’ environment. This brings obvious advantages, especially in terms of flexibility and control of the combined tube/sheet cutting system in the workshop equipped with beveling heads.”