Almacam: Workshop and planner module

Support sheet metal cutting on the workshop station and plan the workload for the machines.

Machine operators can use this Almacam module to declare the beginning and end of cutting for each sheet they cut on the machines they are operating.

To choose the order in which the sheets are cut, for each sheet the operators are provided with the NC program to use, the corresponding workshop sheet, the estimated cycle time and the part production dates.

If the workshop manager has defined the planning of sheet metal cutting using the planner, in addition they receive the schedule of programs to start, with the planned cutting start dates.

If Almacam is used with stock management, the machine operators can choose the physical sheet they are going to cut (the sheet that is easiest to reach in the workshop). When cutting is completed, they can also declare scraps or parts that do not meet quality criteria.

Complete traceability of the produced parts and sheets used

Thanks to the workshop module the produced parts are completely traceable. The workload for all the cutting machines on a production site is displayed and planned in a calendar. This makes it possible to optimize the machine use and the production

Every nesting layout is saved together with the resources enabling it to be produced. To meet quality and traceability requirements, it is easy to find which machine and sheet was used to produce any specific part.

By extension, at any time it is possible to Retrieve the status of an order: in preparation, in production, and on which machine(s)?

Nevertheless, flexibility remains necessary

Capacity to cut a sheet on another compatible machine if the initially planned machine breaks down.

The physical sheet to use can be chosen by the programmer (e.g. if the material is supplied by the ordering party) or by the machine operator who will choose the sheet that is easiest to reach in the workshop.

It is possible to cancel each step in the process if necessary: for example, cancellation of sending for cutting, of the declaration of beginning of cutting and even of closure of a nesting layout.

If it is necessary to produce large quantities of nesting layouts, the complexity can be reduced by canceling cutting of a certain number of sheets.

Modification of estimated time necessary to cut a sheet during the planning stage.

It is possible to modify planning in real time to insert an urgent order.

Adjustment of planning depending on unforeseen events that may occur during cutting.

A completely integrated and secure process

The sheets to cut, resulting from a nesting layout, follow a clear process where there is no room for any risk of error: the nesting layout ready to be cut is sent to the cutting machine (its NC file has been generated); the beginning and end of cutting of the sheets are declared successively until this nesting layout is closed once the sheets have been cut.

At each stage, the production database is updated:

  • Reservation of the physical sheet when it is sent for cutting (optional) or when the beginning of cutting is declared.
  • Update of the quantities of parts produced, taking into account the scraps when the end of cutting is declared.
  • The offcuts generated are made available, and can be used to produce other nesting layouts, when the end of cutting is declared.

Simple guided use

Drag and drop of sheets on the planner to set the cutting start times, adjust cutting times or change the machine.

Colors are used to visually identify the cut sheets, the sheets being cut, and the sheets that will be cut.

Tooltips give access to important information about the sheet to be cut: program name, material, predicted cutting time.

Tools to optimize production and manage cutting operations

Visualization of the machines’ workload during operation, making it possible to identify under-used machines and balance the workload between machines.

Observation of differences between predicted times and effective times, in order to adjust the machine time calculation parameters.

Capacity to generate dashboards based on machine utilization statistics.

Many other possible uses

Automatic smart planning according to production constraints: scheduling of sheets to cut according to storage of the sheets used (by material or size), according to the tools used (in the case of punching-nibbling), according to production dates from earliest to latest, etc.

Capacity to pause a cutting program and then resume later on.

Management of machine availability according to utilization schedules, breakdowns, stoppages for maintenance, etc.

Workshop module: Principles of operation
Workshop module: Principles of operation with optional planner module

Roles can be customized according to the workshop organization

The workshop manager uses the planner to plan the machine operators’ work schedule.

… Or these machine operators can be given greater freedom to choose the order in which the sheets are cut.

Customization of the work environment (access to data and to actions) according to each user’s role.

The necessary information is made available in digital form, according to the user’s role: NC program and workshop sheet enabling the machine operator to identify the cut parts.

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