Solutions for manufacturers of machine tools and robots

A custom technical solution for manufacturers and a tailored partnership

Our software products can be customized for specific technologies or uses, going much further than a post-processor, whether for 2D cutting applications, 5-axis cutting, robotized cutting or welding. This makes these applications particularly easy to integrate for a manufacturer or an integrator. Combined with the technical performance of the Alma software, this advantage gives the manufacturer’s solution decisive added value. Alma adapts to manufacturers’ needs and restrictions to give them a vast portfolio of services, wherever they may be in the world.

Long-term technical support and marketing

At Alma we have considerable experience in agreements with manufacturers. We offer different levels of cooperation depending on the amount of software customization and the degree to which the manufacturer wants to be involved. Using our distribution subsidiaries to back us up, we offer long-term support and services for every aspect of the partnership:

Assistance with commercializing the solution:

  • Customer visits,
  • Analysis of complex projects.

Technical support right around the world:

  • Software installation/updates remotely or on site,
  • Hot-lines in many languages.

Access to regular training (commercial and technical) for the manufacturer’s distribution network or for their customers.

Supply of a customized software that can be sold under the manufacturer’s brand or under the Alma brand:

  • Customizations (report, MMI, post-processor, etc.),
  • Development of specific functionalities,
  • Integration with other software packages,
  • Management of numerous languages.

An environment is made available to the manufacturer enabling them to develop their own functionalities or customizations:

  • To enhance management of machines,
  • To offer its own additional modules.

R&D back-up and continuous improvement of the software offering:

  • Options that can fill out the manufacturer’s offering over a period of time,
  • Leading-edge technology and constant innovation,
  • Additional offerings based on Cloud and SaaS solutions opening up new perspectives in terms of the user experience and the commercial approach.

Marketing back-up:

  • Supply of marketing materials,
  • Personal accompaniment during trade fairs,
  • Web marketing and direct or cross-promotion.

Among our esteemed constructor partners: