Manufacturing of furniture and wood structures

Many manufacturers of yachts and recreational vehicles, furniture, kitchen units, etc. have chosen our CAM solution for routing

Alma has developed specific expertise in 2.5 axis machining of wood and soft flat materials. Our Almacam Routing software is a high added value solution for companies producing on a small or medium scale, who have major nesting needs. Moreover it supports the technical constraints of a large variety of CNC routing machines and can generate programs for any of these machines.

Among our customers we have not only manufacturers of furniture and sofas, manufacturers of yachts, caravans and recreational vehicles, but also manufacturers of outdoor games and kitchen units.

The main benefits of the Alma solution for manufacturers of furniture and wood structures

A software that can be used for any wood routing manufacturing process (nested parts, single parts, “top side” and “down side” machining, edge machining), which manages all types of machining all the machines’ technological functions.

A solution separate from CAD systems, capable of accurately producing 3D parts designed with any software.

Considerable time savings in preparation and programming, thanks to geometric recognition and automatic assignment of machining directly on 3D CAD parts.

Integrates the technical capacities of machines as soon as a machining operation is assigned.

The capability to adapt to the specific needs of a manufacturer (wide variety of machines, multiple manufacturing processes, etc.) and deliver an integrated automated solution.

The leading CAM solution for a multi-site group, thanks to our local presence, combined with technical back-up and high level customer support.

Among our esteemed clients

Benoit Mériau

Industrial IT Director, Beneteau Group

“The Beneteau Group chose Alma as early as 1990 to optimize the cutting of the wood parts used for the partitions and inside arrangements of boats. In order to homogenize our production means, today we use act/cut to program the routing machines of 4 production sites in France and the United-States. The software manages a great diversity of machines and processes: one-sided or double-sided routing of nested parts, edge machining and specific operations on single parts, routing one panel after the other or routing of stacked panels, machining on both sides of the panel… In 2009 the introduction of the module that enables us to directly and automatically assign machining to 3D CAD parts has significantly simplified the preparation and assignment of the parts to the machines.”