Almacube, a 3D nesting software for volume cutting

The software for nesting parallepipedic blocks to cut foam, stone, wood, etc.

Almacube is a 3D nesting software for professionals cutting materials such as foam, polystyrene, steel, marble, wood, etc. From a set of raw-material blocks and a set of outputs to be produced, Almacube automatically calculates the 3D layout using a powerful optimization algorithm. This results in an optimized use of material, and therefore, significant material and time savings.

Material and time savings: Almacube allows you to quickly create very compact 3D assemblies.

True 3D nesting instead of just stacking layers.

Optimized use of material not just within a single block, but also more generally, to select the most appropriate blocks.

Management of cutting material or cutting technology requirements.

Easy coupling with Production Management and ERP systems.

Easy to use.

Almacube software on a computer

Main functionalities

Production management and ERP interface.

Minimization of offcuts and generation of reusable offcuts.

Priority re-use of offcuts.

Traceability of offcuts.

Multiple outputs management.

Selection of the best material to use.

Selection of optimization time.

Cutting plans adapted to the functional characteristics of the machines (edge-to-edge cutting, etc.) and to the different cutting technologies (wire, blade, saw, etc.).

Management of optional outputs.

Tolerance management to eliminate superfluous cutting for materials with long cutting times.

Possible applications

Cutting of foam blocks (mattresses, seats, cushions, etc.).

Cutting of marble, granite, limestone, dolomite blocks (gravestone, ashlars).

Cutting of fallen trees (beam, rafter, joist, timber, etc.).

Cutting of graphite sheets.

Cutting of parallelepiped metal blocks (steel, copper, aluminum, cast-iron, etc.).

Cutting of polyester, polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene, PVC, rubber, etc.

Cutting of frozen food.


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