Shipbuilding and offshore construction

Optimize nesting and sheet metal cutting with the Leading CAM software for Shipyard

At Alma we do know the specificities of shipbuilding projects and we can help. With an expertise of  40 years in shipyards and offshore platforms, our expert team and our Almacam software have become the reference.

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Shipyard projects present unique challenges: complex engineering with a very large number of different parts to be assembled, specific machine control, tight schedules, rigorous safety standards. To ensure the success of a project while respecting deadlines, budgets and quality requirements, efficient management of raw materials and optimization of production are essential.

“The efficient nesting of Almacam enables our customer to save material raws. Globally, we had streamlined and automated the production processes and implement a sustainable workflow.

Dinko Ćetković, Team Leader Engineering – HAV Design AS

Powerful capabilities of Almacam for shipbuilding

To ensure a successful shipyard, Almacam range of software provides the CAM must-have features for shipbuilding and even more, to improve production efficiency, increase accuracy, and maximize production effectiveness.

A comprehensive business-oriented solution for programming plasma cutting machines.

Integration of all shipbuilding functions: management of beveled cutting, management of the different marking and sanding processes, marking of alphanumeric texts, etc.

Powerful built-in optimization tools : nesting, tool path computation.

A high-performance automatic nesting module, unrivalled on the market.

Complete management of off-cuts and pre-cut sheets.

Open, customizable system (import/export data, workshop documents, etc.) capable of operating automatically.

Integration with CAD systems, particularly solutions dedicated to shipbuilding (Aveva, 3D Experience Catia, Intergraph Smart Marine, Cadmatic, NX Siemens) to retrieve geometry files and prepare parts so they can be machined.

Integration with your Information Systems (ERP, MES…) to manage parts to produce, raw material stocks, to automatically create launching orders according to machine characteristics, and to supply management information about cutting operations.

Customisation according to your specific production organisation (working block by block, management of identical vessels, naming of CNC files, etc.).

Secure data management system and end-to-end traceability (e.g. to find parts in nestings, visualize nesting layouts impacted by parts modifications, etc.)

Pre-nesting option to optimize material orders based on nesting results.

Management of other cutting or assembly processes (profile cutting, robotized welding, etc.).

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