Goa Shipyard Limited (India)

Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) established in 1957, is a leading shipyard on the West Coast of India. The company operates under the administrative control of Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India. Over the years, GSL has become renowned in the ship building sector, particularly for the production of sophisticated ships. For over four decades, GSL has designed, built and commissioned a wide range of high-tech vessels for various applications in the defense and commercial areas.

With ever-more demanding needs, GSL was looking for an efficient nesting solution able to interact with Tribon, their design solution, and allowing achieving significant material and time savings. They finally chose act/cut from Alma. A specific interface has been developed to interact with Tribon by automatically importing Tribon-generated files into DPR files and creates manufacturing orders for the imported parts. In addition, part lists and offcuts lists can be generated and exported to the ERP application.


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