L&T Shipbuilding

L&T Shipbuilding, renowned in the maritime industry in India, is involved in the manufacturing of warships, submarines and auxiliary vessels as well as in the repair of both defense and commercial ships. After the successful deployment of act/cut in Hazira site, the company wanted to see how act/cut could interact with Nupas Cadmatic, their design software. After developing a very specific customer application, act/cut has successfully replaced Nestix and Tribon Nesting that used to be the nesting solutions in L&T.

The customer application allows L&T to automatically:

  • Extract and import DXF files containing multiple parts: unitary parts (DPR files) are imported after retrieving and processing the key part attributes (part name, material and thickness) from the DXF files
  • Create manufacturing orders (MOs) for the imported files or manage MOs by adding imported files to them whenever it is appropriate
  • ¬†Import CSV files from ERP system and export parts and offcut lists.


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