Bringing automation and increasing efficiency in shipyards manufacturing at Volkswerft Stralsund GmbH

Working with Alma since 1993, Volkswerft Stralsund (now part of MV Werften) uses Alma software to automate, optimize and control the production and material flows.

It’s started from the Bremer Vulkan Group owning the shipyard in 1993 with a clear objective to automate the manufacturing preparation and more particularly the Nesting operation of the plates. Through a close collaboration and from a detailed specification description the software was installed and set up in 3 days including the training for the users. The production started immediately afterwards.

Bringing error risks to zero

Gains were significant. The time to prepare the production and its associated documentation was reduced by 50%. Manual work could be replaced through highly automated software nesting operation enhancing the reliability of the results and providing better production efficiency. Thanks to this advanced automation, risks of errors have been simply reduced to zero.

A strong and reliable partnership

Alma software was first used for a 2500 TEU container ship in 1994 and since that time Volkswerft Stralsund has benefited from the regular software enhancements and the strong Alma support.

Thanks to Alma’s knowledge on shipyards specificities, act/cut was immediately responding to our major needs and methodologies, like the work by blocks and the integration to our production system in addition to the nesting efficiency and cutting path optimization – Frank Rauchenecker

An integrated and automated production tool for shipyards

Volkswerft Stralsund GmbH has produced about 4000 nestings and its associated workshop documents in 2006 with act/cut that serves six plate burning machines.

The data for 2D-plates are taken from shipbuilding specific software, Tribon, directly read into act/cut for the creation of working orders.

The nesting, the cutting path and the workshop document creation are generated automatically with act/cut and the resulting NC-files are sent to the cutting machines. act/cut is fully connected and integrated to the production control software and the company ERP exchanging the necessary production data information.


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