Sign, CAD/CAM software to cut out logos, pictures or characters

Convert logos, pictures and fonts into CAM ready files for your cutting or punching machines

Sign is a software dedicated to sign-makers or any company that needs to cut out logos, pictures or characters (regularly or even occasionally). From various input formats, Sign can process any type of pictures and can easily generate dxf files or output files compatible with Almacam Cut/Punch or act/cut.


Main advantages and benefits

Dedicated to industrial cutting and NC punching.

Can process any kind of pictures, artworks or characters.

Fast processing.


Optimization functions available to improve the quality of the contours to be cut.

Main functions

Possibility to create, transform, distort and vectorize text from any TrueType font.

Possibility to import drawings and pictures from a scanner or a digital camera (via the TWAIN format). The following formats are also supported: JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, PCX, TGA, WBMP, WMF and EMF.

Possibility to transform drawings into contours ready to be cut; various optimization functions are available: luminosity/contrast/threshold/coloring adjustment, lines/angles detection, smoothing, etc.)

Possibility to transform pictures into fready to be punched.

Possibility to digitize contours from ASCII digitizer.

Possibility to correct/modify digitized contours.

Possibility to export DXF or DPR files for programming purpose in act/cut (our programming software for cutting and punching machines).

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