Almacam Pass, the CAD/CAM software offer by subscription

Take advantage of the power of our sheet metal CAD/CAM software in all simplicity thanks to the total flexibility of our subscription offer.

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An all-inclusive offer* to control your 2D cutting and punching machines and to make your quotations!

Pay only for use, no investment required.

Create and upgrade your Pass according to your needs.

Adapt your Pass according to your activity.

Suspend or stop your Pass whenever you want.

Benefit from an all-inclusive service: use, assistance, support, corrective and evolutionary maintenance are included!

*excluding set-up fees.

Advantages and benefits

Combine the CAM, Machine and QUOTE modules adapted to your production.

Choose subscription packages to meet the individual needs of each user.

Take advantage of Almacam without any time commitment.

Add, change or cancel subscription plans at any time as your business peaks or decreases.

Save yourself an investment and avoid financing procedures.

Benefit from user assistance that can be enhanced according to your needs with support and consulting services offered by your reseller.

Stay competitive by accessing new features and latest Almacam’s innovations put at disposal in the context of subscription.

Benefit from corrective updates as soon as they are released.

Set your prices more accurately with full knowledge of the monthly production cost of your Pass.

Deduct the operating cost of your Pass from your company’s financial results.

Discover the CAM subscription plans


The essentials for controlling your cutting or punching machines.
Includes automatic nesting and all necessary CAM functions.


The complete subscription plan allowing a high level of process automation and integration with your existing data systems.


The full range of sheet metal functionalities enriched with the assembly import and the automatic unfolding of bending parts.

Discover the QUOTE subscription plans


The standalone subscription plan allowing you to establish precise quotations quickly and to manage them simply.


The plan allowing you to establish quotations based on parts prepared for your machines and which can be integrated with CAM plans.


The full range of quotation functionalities enriched by automatic assembly import and completed by our WebQuote online service.


Download the Almacam Pass product sheet to find out more about the different subscription plans:


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