Expand your customer portfolio in the cutting sector with a new digital approach

Winning new markets in the sheet metal and tube cutting industry is no easy task, yet it’s crucial to your company’s growth. It’s a major challenge to expand your catchment area to attract new prospects, and to respond rapidly to requests for quotations. But as you know, prospecting and creating cutting quotes often require time to establish estimates that are both accurate and competitive. The key to meeting both these challenges now lies in the set up of an automatic quote generation web platform. We explain.


Innovate to conqer

Imagine you only had to validate quotes, rather than creating them by hand.

Imagine receiving even more quotes from areas you’d like to conquer.

In 2024, it’s possible. The way to make it happen is to provide your customers and prospects with a cloud Saas application for sheet metal cutting quotation that streamlines requests and automates the generation of quotes. It opens up new horizons and frees up time!

This innovative solution offers the possibility of increasing your customer portfolio without having to physically visit your premises. In fact, the web platform can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It enables your customers and prospects to create quotations autonomously and independently. This new digitalized approach enables you to attract new prospects and maximize your operational efficiency, while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Accuracy and time savings with automation

Automatic quote generation improves the accuracy of estimates by eliminating potential human error. The complex calculations involved in CNC cutting and mechanical welding are handled by advanced algorithms, proving your company’s expertise and competitiveness in the marketplace.

As you can see, switching to automatic quote generation offers a strategic means of expansion. Your company demonstrates its innovation, while expanding your commercial influence. It’s up to you.

Greater precision

  • Precise material calculations: Automated software takes into account every detail of raw material requirements, taking into account exact specifications for sheet metal cutting and mechanical welding.
  • Adjusted pricing: By integrating current costs of materials, labor and other resources, automation enables more accurate pricing, avoiding human error in calculations.
  • Consideration of design variations: Some projects may involve complex designs. Automated software can take these variations into account to ensure that pricing is adapted to the specific complexity of each project.

Significant time savings

  • Rapid quote generation: To win an order, it’s vital for a subcontractor to keep response times to a minimum. With an automated process, the enquirer receives a quote within seconds of his or her request.
  • Reduced manual rework: By eliminating data entry errors and complex calculations, automation reduces the need for manual rework, speeding up the process.
  • Reactivity to customer requests: Customers can sometimes demand quotes quickly. Automation enables an almost instantaneous response to requests.
  • Optimized management of working time: By freeing sales managers from quote generation tasks, automation enables them to concentrate on even more strategic aspects, improving overall productivity.

As you can see, switching to automatic quote generation offers a strategic way of expansion. Your company shows its innovation, while expanding your commercial influence.

Understanding automated cutting quotations