Customer Service

We do everything we can to ensure our customers derive maximum benefit from our software

We therefore offer a wide range of services at every stage of a project and of our customer relationships:

Upstream advice and assistance

Customized demonstrations (on site or remote).

Development of specifications in response to expressed needs.

Benchmarking and assessment of potential benefits offered by the solution (material, cycle time, programming time, organization…) based on customer’s current data.

Project management.

Customer assistance in optimizing the use of software and programming.

Product customization and automation

Development of interfaces (ERP, CAD, sequencing, workshop supervision…).

Development of post-processors on the basis of a proprietary Basic language.

Implementation of various macros and utility programs thanks to an integrated VB environment.

Implementation of automatic operation (batch mode) of the entire software or part of it.

Customization of the documents generated by the software (reports, workshop forms…).

Development of customized applications based on applicative software or software components.

Development of specific optimization algorithms.

Implementation of the solution and commissioning

Parameterization of the software according to the customer’s configuration.

On-site installation and systematic tests on machines/robots.

For robot off-line programming software, calibration service of the robotic cell systematically implemented in the best conditions.

Customized training in Alma premises and/or on the customer’s site.

Customized commissioning during the first weeks of use of the software.

Advanced training after a first period of use, for more efficient use of our products.

Software support and update

Dedicated phone hotline with limited answering time.

Maintenance with limited time for answering and processing the requests, according to the seriousness of the problem.

Follow-up of ongoing requests and interventions.

Free access to a documentary base for all customers with a maintenance contract.

Software updating.

E-learning sessions customized, or proposed when updating the software.