Interview with Paul CARO, the new face of Alma Iberica

Published on 06/05/2024

Alma Iberica has recently grown with the arrival of Paul Caro in the role of Sales Engineer. His mission (and he accepted it 🤠) is to help spanish and portugese sheet metal manufactors become more efficient relying on Alma software suite. Let’s get to know him a little better in this interview.


Paul, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What made you want to be part of Alma Iberica?

“I grew up in the Basque country, an important industrial area on both the French and Spanish sides. After a scientific baccalaureate and a master’s degree in international business in Bordeaux, I took 1 year off to travel in South America, in search of encounters and mountains to climb. This professional break also enabled me to learn Spanish and discover other ways of thinking and creating. On my return, I worked in aeronautics before settling down at Alma in Grenoble.

Alma is a company that attracted me for two reasons: 1/ the industrial environment, which I appreciate for its material and pragmatic side, 2/ the cooperative and independent aspect of Alma, which is rare and carries values of sharing and progress.

After several months training in France on Almacam products, I’m now based in Madrid. I work with the operational team in Spain and am in constant contact with the support and R&D team in France.”

What is your role at Alma Iberica?

“My role at Alma Iberica is to help industrial manufacturers in a variety of sectors, large and small, who own cutting or welding machines, to improve the way they work and save time and money. I know the added value that our software can bring to production problems. I’m a salesman who provides solutions.”

What’s your vision of customer relations?

“For me, customer relations are about building a win-win partnership, based on honesty and a willingness to help. When I go to a customer’s premises, I put myself in their shoes, as if I were temporarily part of their business. I take ownership of their problems and proactively propose solutions. The kind of customer relationship I like is when there’s mutual trust and a sincere exchange of views.”

What’s a day at Alma Iberica like?

“I start my day with a big glass of water and listen to the local news. I check my e-mail and, if I can, I go on linkedin to get news from my customers and partners. I really enjoy it: it keeps me abreast of innovations and news in our sector, and indirectly enables me to hear from our customers.

Afterwards, I cycle to the office. I talk to our prospects, either by email or by phone. I also try as much as possible to schedule on-site meetings, as physical contact is important and the nature of the exchange is always more constructive. It’s ideal for understanding the customer’s working environment: his workshop, his machines and his day-to-day problems. Very quickly, I can see in my head how I’m going to be able to help him, which Almacam modules we’re going to deploy first.

I love these moments when I feel we’re going to move forward together. In the evening, I go swimming, play soccer or share a caña with my colleagues.”