Webquote, a new service to manage requests for sheet metal quotes

Published on 20/11/2020

Webquote is a new service made available to users of the almaQuote quote software. It centralizes and facilitates communication between ordering parties and sub-contractors, while automating preparation and processing of a quote.

The Webquote service gives ordering parties their dedicated web space to submit requests for quotes to their sub-contractors. The request arrives automatically in the almaQuote software, enabling the sub-contractor to process it and send back the price proposal via the web. At any time the web user can consult the status of their requests for quotes and communicate with the sub-contractor.

Webquote benefits from all the power of the almaQuote calculation engine and the most advanced web technologies. It simplifies communication and streamlines the quote management process, right up to acceptance. In a tough competitive environment, it is an additional commercial tool for Alma customers who use almaQuote.