A new Alma reseller in the Maghreb countries

Published on 24/02/2016

Alma has recently signed a new distribution agreement for its CAD/CAM software programs. LeanCAP Industries, a consulting company in industrial and IT-system organization located in Casablanca (Morocco) distributes from now on the new Almacam software range (CAM for cutting and punching, sheet metal working quotations, etc.) in the Maghreb countries.

Highly involved in the Moroccan industrial network thanks to its expertise, LeanCAP Industries is already selling the ERP Clipper solution of Clip Industrie who is a partner of Alma. This synergy will enable LeanCAP Industries to offer its customers a range of complementary industrial solutions while covering full services around the software.

“We are facing more and more requests aiming at comprehensive and integrated solutions, especially in fields, such as mechanics, sheet metal working and steel construction. Combining the powerful software of Alma and the Alma-Clipper interface, we can offer an efficient and profitable solution to our customers,” declares Jalal ELALLAM, Managing Director of LeanCAP Industries.

In order to strengthen this partnership, Alma and LeanCAP Industries have recently participated in the Moroccan MIDEST show, which took place last December in Casablanca. It was an opportunity to establish outstanding contacts with several manufacturing and sub-contracting companies specialized in sheet metal working and to state the openness of the customers to the new Almacam software range and its high-performing interfacing with Clipper.

By the way, LeanCAP Industries has already sold an Almacam Cut solution for oxy-cutting and plasma applications to a trailer manufacturer. The Alma software will be implemented there in a near future and connected to Clipper.