CAD assembly import : a new module integrated in Almacam

Published on 07/02/2018

CAD assembly import for sheet metal quotation and manufacturing: a new module integrated in Almacam.

Retrieving CAD assemblies for costing (quotation) or for manufacturing (sheet metal CAM) often requires the use of several software tools and implies repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With assembly2CAM, a new module that is integrated in Almacam software, importing CAD assemblies becomes easy and quick by allowing the processing of any type of assembly parts (sheet metal parts, tubes and supplies), either for quotation- or for manufacturing- purpose with almaQuote and Almacam Cut/Punch software applications respectively.

With assembly2CAM, it only takes a few minutes to import a CAD assembly, retrieve the corresponding quantities of parts, start the automatic geometrical recognition of the assembly, check or edit the part data and add operations for the quote calculation. The imported assembly can also be used directly for the CAM preparation of parts to cut or punch.

“One of assembly2CAM’s advantages is to be a tool for both quoting and manufacturing,”explains Rosalinda Ferrandes, product manager. “It allows significant time savings thanks to the automatic recognition of the assembly parts and their properties. In addition, the user takes advantage of a user-friendly interface to complete the information about the assembly and its component when preparing the quotation with almaQuote or the programming with Almacam Cut/Punch.”

Taking advantage of the powerful functions of Almacam, the new generation CAM software for sheet-metal, and integrating the most advanced algorithms and software components of Alma, assembly2CAM is the assembly2CAM is the most comprehensive and multipurpose assembly import tool in the market.